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doc-department is Scotland’s leading independent technical-communications outsourcing company providing organisations with technical authoring as a service to support their product and marketing strategies.

doc-department was founded in 2008 by George Lewis with the aim of revolutionising how UK organisations produce their technical product information by enabling all organisations to access best in class technical authoring services.

88% of business purchasers refer to technical product documentation when making purchasing decisions – so it is key that this information is presented in a way that reflects the quality of the product.

The expertise and the human resources required to deliver this has been out of reach of most small and medium companies – doc-department’s outsourcing model changes this.

doc-department provides organsiations with a one-stop shop for developing, creating and distributing technical product information as part of a fully managed service. This approach is inspired by the successful German model that has helped Germany’s Mittlestand companies to become the exporting powerhouse they are today.

Find out more about how our services could help you, or read our Case Studies to see how we are already helping organisations.

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