Case studies

We work with COOs, product managers and technical directors of organisation that produce software and hardware products to improve production and distribution of product information to people inside and outside the organisation.

Read our case studies and testimonials to find out what we have done for some of our clients.

Simplifing entry to new markets with visual documentation

“To grow our target markets we knew the documentation had to be as good as the product. doc-department came up with a simple design that communicated the information and the product ethos. And by using images we don’t need to translate the guide, saving on costs and simplifying getting to market.”

David Welsh, Product Manager – Cashmaster International ltd

Supporting service development with flexible technical communications

“Short agile development cycles make knowledge transfer a challenge for internal teams as well as for partners and customers. doc-department provided us with the capabilities to overcome these challenges as well as the continuity and flexibility to ensure content was always up to date. So we have the confidence that all teams will have the information they require to support the delivery of our services now and in the future.”

Suresh Rasakulasuriar, VP Development – Resilient plc

Minimising the cost of documentation

“Our Workpro case management software is highly configurable. We’d struggled to find an approach to documentation which allowed us to minimise the cost of documenting different variants of the product. doc-department created a modular documentation framework which has made it quicker and more cost-effective to do this.”
Chris Ellis, CTO – CAS

Taking the pressure off internal resources

“When we decided to enhance our product documentation to provide improved support to our customers, it was clear that we needed a partner to help us deliver. doc-department’s documentation-as-a-service model made it easy for us to extended our team by bolting them into our QA process; so taking pressure off internal resources. Having already delivered on the initial phase, we look forward to our ongoing relationship with doc-department.”

Ollie Watson, Business Development Director – CACI Ltd

Modern Online Help for a Modern Application

“Online help can look old fashioned but we were keen to provide quality support to our users. doc-department were able to provide a complete solution that freed us from writing content and also provided a simple way to deploy the content. So we now have modern online help to accompany our modern application.”

Stuart Boutell, Product Manager – Edesix ltd

Expert technical writing resource at short notice

“To document a complex product like Capacity Planner, it is important to understand the subject matter. doc-department’s team had the knowledge, as well as the expertise to deliver the content. Importantly they were available when we needed them. Thanks to doc-department the user assistance was available on time and to a standard we are proud of.”

Michael Allan, COO – Sumerian

Documentation team available when you need them

“Having struggled to find a traditional contract technical writer, doc-department were able to start work straight away ensuing we met our release deadlines. We are very pleased with the result – it has far exceeded our expectations and will be a real asset to us.”

Nik Stanbridge, VP Marketing – Arkivum

User assistance for enterprise mobile app

“doc-department developed a simple solution to address the challenges of delivering help for multi-device applications. Simple for the developers, intuitive for the users, and low maintenance.”

Heather Logan, Software Product Manager – IndigoVision

Brand new documentation set in 10 weeks

“doc-department met all our requirements precisely and delivered the project with the utmost professionalism within a very aggressive timeline imposed by our launch requirements. Reactec would look no further than doc-department for any future documentation requirements.”

Jacqui McLaughlin, CEO – Reactec

Migrating user guides from Word to Flare

“doc-department’s expertise and quick turnaround enabled us to seamlessly move from Word to Flare.”

Andrew Gillies, Operations Manager – GE Grid Solutions

Targeted guides from a single-source

“doc-department have delivered a solution that previous providers were unable to do. Not only have they enabled us to achieve our objective, but they have also given us more flexibility and reduced the time for producing guides.”

Ivor Eathorne, Hardware Product Manager – IndigoVision

Tailored product introduction using GitBook

“doc-department were very considered in their approach, well organised and attentive to our needs. They quickly learned about our complex technology, taking on board our suggestions while managing the versioning of each new iteration. The results of their handiwork is effective and well structured documentation tailored to the reader.”

Nick Lambert, COO – MaidSafe

Flexible video tutorials

“The modular tutorials enabled us to deploy tutorials for new services surprisingly quickly.”

Dave Collins, VP Marketing – Resilient plc

Agile documentation

“With doc-department as part of the team, we didn’t have to worry about the help and user guides keeping up with the software when we moved to an agile process. We let them know what we were planning, and they quickly adapted resources to the new process.”

Kate Taylor, Team Leader – IndigoVision

A flexible technical writing resource

“doc-department just takes the pain away. We point them at a problem, and they come back with a solution.”

Dave Collins, VP Marketing – Resilient plc

Continuity and flexibility

“doc-department are on hand whenever we need them, giving us the range of expertise and resilience we could not expect from a lone technical writer.”

Alex Swanson, Engineering Manager – IndigoVision

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