Use the resources on this page to inform your understanding of Technical Communications and its role in organisations today.



Whitepaper: Technical Communications outsourcing by the Mittelstand

How outsourcing Technical Communications supports the success of Germany’s Mittelstand

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Whitepaper: Product Documentation Maturity Model

A roadmap to producing best-in-class product documentation

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Self-service customer support

68% of customers leave because of poor customer service. A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%, and a 5% reduction in customer defection rate leads to a 25% increase in profitability.

So addressing customer support can have a dramatic effect on a company’s bottom line.

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Success factors for a partner portal

Partners look to their suppliers to be the experts in their field, and to provide support for technical sales and customer queries.

So, as a supplier, if you can provide the technical support your partners need, you can win their loyalty and benefit from profitable channel growth.

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Knowledge base

A knowledge base provides significant productivity improvements for organisations, their partners and customers when implemented and maintained correctly.

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Open DevOps documentation

Successful adoption of DevOps brings many benefits to a business. Key to successful adoption is the ability of teams to collaborate and share information.

An open DevOps documentation process enables collaboration and provides a platform for knowledge retention and understanding across teams.

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High-quality API documentation

API documentation is key for marketing APIs and their subsequent adoption. Developers come to depend on the API documentation, so providing customers with high-quality API documentation will build confidence in the API, the service, and ultimately the brand.

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Product documentation standards and compliance

Compliant documentation needs to address the information and safety requirements of the standards to which your product must comply.

The following best practice will help ensure that your documentation supports your products’ compliance to the relevant standards.

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