Our people

doc-department is a team of trained technical authors and information architects with degrees in the areas of science, engineering or language.

By bringing our complimentary skills and expertise together doc-department ensures our clients get the benefit from greater depth of expertise, a resilient service, and greater continuity – benefits that you can’t get from a single author.

George Lewis

Founder and Managing Director

Following a joint honours degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry, George moved to Germany where he cut his teeth in technical communications working with medical diagnostic companies.

While working as a consultant with multi-nationals such as Schlumberger and Roche, he focused on help them streamline and automate their technical product information and user documentation processes. During this time he realised that best practice product information could be delivered as a service – so set up doc-department.

Outside of work George enjoys the countryside by cycling, and keeps ups his Spanish and German by listening to euro-pop.

Jenni Ajderian

Lead Technical Communicator

Jenni has a degree in English Language and Linguistics. This include studying natural language processing and common language dysfunctions in Aix-en-Provence, and speech synthesis and voice recognition systems.

Having taught herself a bit of HTML coding when she was eleven, and taken on student journalism, short film making and copywriting while studying for her degree; a natural career path for Jenni was the high-octane world of Technical Communication.

Outside of work Jenni regularly writes for The Skinny, and can sing head, shoulders, knees and toes in four languages.

Keith Kirkwood

Lead Technical Communicator

Following his Engineering degree, Keith spent 9 years in various software development and QA roles including a year in Silicon Valley.

Looking for a fresh perspective and a change of direction Keith joined doc-department and has enjoyed growing into the demands and learning opportunities of the role ever since.

Outside of work Keith enjoys his alter ego as a musician, playing drums and percussion for a number of indie, pop and funk bands around Scotland. He can occasionally also be found helping to develop social enterprise projects and entertainment events.

Richard Murray

Technical Communicator

With the a depth of experience from IT support roles in the UK and Australia, Richard formalise his skills with a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Aberdeen.

Keen to combine his interests in IT and helping people benefit from technology Technical Communications was the obvious path.

Outside of work, Richard takes full advantage of living in Edinburgh by walking the hills, and treading the boards.

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