Knowledge transfer

Organisations that can embed deep knowledge in their business can build a lasting competitive advantage (Barney – 1991).  Business writers such as Deming identify knowledge transfer as a key component in breaking down silos within organisations and ensuring knowledge is embedded.

This objective is fundamental to achieving operational excellence. For this reason many continuous improvement techniques and methodologies emphasise the need for ease of access to up-to-date and accurate information.

Benefits of open knowledge transfer

  • Break down organisational silos by making information and knowledge easily accessible to all
  • Enable greater collaboration with open knowledge bases to gather input from many different perspectives
  • Identify process efficiencies by giving down-stream operations insight into upstream processes
  • Reduce errors by making feedback instantly available, and empower individuals to use the knowledge accordingly

How doc-department can help you

doc-department’s technical communications solutions support collaboration and knowledge transfer between teams.

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Open knowledge transfer

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