Contract technical author – Reinvented

Using a dedicated, trained technical author to produce your technical product or process documentation saves up to 30% of the cost of using an engineer or marketing resource.

But when resources are tight, it can be risky committing to hiring a full-time or contract technical author.

  • Recruitment fees of 10-20% of salary
  • Long term commitment of employment or inflated commission for contractors
  • Difficulty of finding someone with the necessary skills not currently tied in to a contract or a notice period
  • Changing project or product requirements may require different skills at different stages
  • Project or product changes can leave you paying for an underutilised resource

doc-department gives you the benefits of a dedicated, trained technical author without the risks.

No recruitment or commission fees

doc-department is not a recruitment agency, so there are no recruitment fees, and no commissions – just a competitive rate comparable with the rates a contract technical author would actually receive after the recruitment agency have taken their cut.

Flexible resource available when you need it

doc-department’s technical authors are all full-time employees of doc-department. This means that we are available when you need us – no need to wait until the end of a notice period.

And if the project or product schedule changes, doc-department can adapt to your requirements – no need to pay for a resource that you are not using.

doc-department’s technical authors work in teams, so you don’t need to worry about lost productivity – if an author is sick or on holiday, another member of the team is available to keep your project on track.

Expertise that you require

Amongst our technical authors, doc-department has a range of skills and experience – so you know you that the right skills are available as the project progresses.

And together with our partners, we provide you with the full set of design, authoring, illustration and technical skills required to meet your requirements.

Commitment and quality that you expect

doc-department’s technical authors are all trained on the latest tools and best practices. Working as a team means doc-department have quality built into our processes.

Because doc-department’s technical authors are full-time employees, they are committed to the quality of their work rather than constantly looking around for the next contract.

No lock in

With doc-department’s flexible pricing and services you won’t be stuck with paying for an underutilised resource.

Contract technical author – Reinvented

doc-department can let you have your cake and eat it:

  • The skilled technical authoring resource you need when you need it
  • At the cost of a regular contract technical author
  • Without the risk of the long-term commitment of a full-time employee, or the uncertainty of a contractor

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