assist-ua™ platform

assist-ua™ is doc-department’s user-assistance platform that helps organisations quickly deploy partner portals, customer support portals, knowledge bases, and embedded assistance in web and mobile applications.

Quick to deploy, always up-to-date, and in-touch with customers.

Embedded in-app user assistance

With a few lines of code, assist-ua™ can:

  • Embed content as tool tips in your web application
  • Add a context sensitive support portal to your application
  • Enhance a self-service and partner support portals


  • Simplify content management with a central repository for your product information and user documentation
  • Learn more about your customers with analytics
  • Engage customers and gather feedback with comments, ratings and forums
  • Keep customers focused with help content embedded in the UI
  • Seamless experience with customisable interface and personalized content
  • Collaborative authoring to break down content silos
  • Hosting options to simplify deployment

Free consultation

Contact us now for a free consultation to find out how assist-ua™ can help you.

Try the demo

Explore the demo knowledge base to get an idea of the capabilities that doc-department could bring to your product information.

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