API documentation

Complete and accurate documentation is the most important factor for developers when using an API. It is considered even more important than service availability and response time!

High-quality API documentation

High-quality API documentation gives developers confidence in the API, the service and the brand. Poor documentation gives the impression of a poorly maintained API.

  • API documentation supports successful adoption of an API
    By understanding the full capability of the API, developers use more functionality and, therefore, further increase adoption of the service.
  • API documentation is the ‘Marketing’ for an API
    Producing high-quality API documentation and making it easily accessible is the best way to promote an API

How doc-department can help you

To ensure that API documentation is properly maintained, especially in fast-paced development environments, requires a robust process followed consistently.

doc-department’s technical communications solutions can help you ensure that your you have the tools, processes and dedicated resource to produce and maintain high-quality API documentation.


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API documentation

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