technical communications
as a service

doc-department designs and delivers technical product information & media to give organisations the flexible technical authoring resources they need.

Keep everyone up to speed

Your teams, partners and customers need the latest information about your product or service to do their job effectively.

doc-department’s flexible product information solutions help COOs, Technical Directors and Product Managers enhance their product documentation processes and capabilities to ensure everyone is up to speed.

Get the benefits without the risks

Using dedicated technical authors to produce technical product or processes documentation saves up to 30% on the cost of using an engineer or marketing resource.

But when there are many competing demands on resources, it can be a risk to hire a full-time or contract technical author.

Who we work with

Make the most of your resources

Allocating resource in the most effective way is a challenge to ensure you can meet competing pressures.

doc-department’s cost effective product information solutions provide organisations with the technical authoring resources and expertise to help them make the most of their resources.

A team of documentation specialists

Whether you need a specialist or full department, doc-department’s team of documentation & media specialists will work with you to give you the quality, continuity and resilience you demand.

doc-department’s team works closely with product management and development teams, and gets involved in regular meetings.

This ensures doc-department gains a deep understanding of your products and becomes an integral part of the product team.