Partner communications

Partners, for example, distributors, resellers, installers, or service providers, look to their suppliers to be the experts in their field, and to provide support for technical sales and customer queries.

Ensuring your partners have easy access to the information they need can optimise their productivity, drive profitable revenue, and give you and your partner a competitive advantage.

Improve partner communications with a partner portal

A well-designed partner portal allows partners to easily access marketing resources, pricing, and sales information, as well as technical product information and training to support their operations.

Benefits of a partner portal

  • Simplify partner on-boarding processes
    On-boarding is a key part of the partner life-cycle. The initial contact may be driven by an opportunity, but if you can make the on-boarding processes as simple as possible for partners and get them engaged with easy-to-access, valuable content, they are more likely to come back again.
  • Provide training material for partners to train their sales and support team
    Engaging self-paced training in manageable chunks makes it easy for partners to get up to speed with your products and processes, while giving them control over the best time to learn.
  • Provide easy access to high-quality, up-to-date product information
    Partners’ sales and support teams need information about your product to successfully do their jobs. Giving easy access to reference material enables partners to quickly look up information to answer customer sales or support questions.
  • Enable partners to easily share your information with their customers and staff
    Make information easily shareable to help answer customers’ queries.
    Enable content to be integrated with partners’ systems – copying and pasting from your system to theirs is time consuming.
  • Content is accessible anywhere
    PDFs just don’t cut it any more. We are all used to using apps and media sites to find and access information. This is what partners are expecting.
    Content can be easily accessible on mobiles and tablets with search and profile driven customised content.

How doc-department can help you

doc-department’s technical authoring services can provide you with the skills and resources to design and deliver the technical product information & media partners require.


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