Outsourcing technical documentation

Outsourcing is a cost effective and flexible way for organisations to quickly access expertise or resources to support their operations.

By outsourcing, organisations can reduce costs by 40-70% due to greater efficiencies, standardisation, automation, and practitioner skills. In addition, organisations can also benefit from the following:

  • Enhanced capabilities
  • Better predictability of service delivery
  • Improved scalability
  • Reduced risk

Technical Documentation-as-a-Service

Although outsourcing is most commonly associated with IT infrastructure outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO) is applicable for many non-core processes such as technical documentation.

Realising cost savings and accessing better capabilities for producing and delivering technical product information can benefit an organisation’s customers and staff, while freeing resources to focus on core-activities.

How to outsource technical documentation process

But simply “outsourcing” an activity will not fix it if it is not working. As the name suggests, you need to have business process in place before you can outsource it – proximity (talking to the person sat next to you) is not a processes. You need to be able to control a process to effectively outsource it.

To successfully outsource their technical documentation, organisations need to address the following areas:

  1. Clearly defined requirements
  2. Clearly defined processes
  3. Well selected outsourcing provider
  4. Process monitoring and reporting

Technical documentation outsourcing providers have the expertise to help with each of these areas.


As well as well documented cost savings through better efficiency, outsourcing technical documentation can provide an organisation with enhanced capabilities, better predictability, improved scalability, and reduced risk.

But to gain these benefits, organisations need to ensure they have processes in place that can be outsourced. Companies such as doc-department that provide technical documentation-as-a-service can provide the expertise that organisations need to develop and implement the robust technical documentation production and distribution processes needed to achieve these benefits.

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