Modern Online Help for a Modern Application

videoManager - Help Centre | Edesix

When Edesix, the market leader in body worn video solutions, updated their video management software suite, VideoManager, they chose to make it browser-based. This provided customers with a more flexible way to access and use the application, but required a whole new way to deliver user assistance.

Edesix wanted to ensure that the new user assistance had the same modern look and feel as the new UI, while still providing quick and easy access to useful information. In addition, a PDF version of the content was required for the user to be able to download and share.

To meet the requirements, doc-department produced the VideoManager Help Centre, an online knowledge base that uses a responsive HTML design to ensure that content is easily accessible no matter what device the user is accessing information from.

To create the knowledge base, doc-department used MadCap Flare. This approach provided a single-sourced solution able to produce both the responsive knowledge base as well as PDF files for downloading and sharing.

To ensure the quality of the content across both the knowledge base and PDF documents, doc-department developed a structured content model and style guide. In addition, the templates and processes put in place by doc-department ensured that the design requirements and the ISO/IEC documentation standards were met.

As a search-focused knowledge base rather than a classic online help, the VideoManager Help Centre can be extended to provide assistance for other Edesix products such as the VideoBadge. So not only will the Help Centre assist VideoManager users, it will also provide a resource for administrators and managers to run their complete solution.

“Online help can look old fashioned but we were keen to provide quality support to our users. doc-department were able to provide a complete solution that freed us from writing content and also provided a simple way to deploy the content. So we now have modern online help to accompany our modern application.”
Stuart Boutell, Product Manager

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