Minimising the cost of documentation


CAS ltd, specialists in complaints management software and case handling systems, wanted to find a more efficient way to deliver support content to their customers for their flagship Workpro application.

The Workpro case management software and complaints handling system manages complaints, enquiries, requests and issues to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

A key strength of Workpro is its configurability which enables its use in a broad range of applications such as Financial Services, Ombudsman, HR, and FOI requests. However, this configurability presents a real challenge for delivering comprehensive product documentation.

CAS wanted to provide comprehensive online documentation for Workpro, but with a growing customer base, CAS needed a scalable approach to producing the documentation which minimized costs while supporting the flexibility of the product.

To meet these requirements, doc-department used a modular approach to the product documentation. By leveraging single-sourced content, doc-department simplified the production and maintenance of the content, as well as enabling the content to be provided as both HTML for online access and PDF for offline distribution.

The modular, single-source approach also provided CAS with the option to produce variants of the documentation, and customised versions.

This flexibility enabled doc-department to quickly create a Getting Started Guide at short notice to help customer-onboarding and training. The guide provided a reference containing key information about the system as well as customer specific details such as bespoke workflows.

In less than 3 months, doc-department designed a modular approach to deliver comprehensive online documentation, customized variants of the content, and a scalable platform from which to efficiently and quickly deliver future updates.

“Our Workpro case management software is highly configurable. We’d struggled to find an approach to documentation which allowed us to minimise the cost of documenting different variants of the product. doc-department created a modular documentation framework which has made it quicker and more cost-effective to do this.”
Chris Ellis, CTO

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