Technical documentation for inbound marketing

50% of content marketers say their biggest problem is creating content consistently, and according to a Content Marketing Institute study, 54% say that producing engaging content is a challenge.

But organisations often already have a wealth of varied and valuable content available to them that they may not be fully exploiting – user documentation.

Potential customers value the user documentation

According to IBM, 88% of purchasers use technical product information to make their purchasing decisions, so this type of content is also engaging for potential customers.

Customers say that high-quality technical product information is an important factor in the perception of a company (85%), of the quality of a product (96%), as well as in the initial purchasing decision (88%).

Trusted content for inbound marketing

Most customers trust the manufacturer’s website (61%) over other sources of product information, whereas only 5% indicate that video websites are their most trusted source of information. (

By getting existing technical documentation online, organisations can leverage existing content to take advantage of the inherent trust their customers have.

Creating quality content for inbound marketing

Quality user documentation is valued by purchasers when evaluating a product for purchase. To be considered high quality, user documentation should be the following things:

  • Well structured
  • Concise
  • Jargon-free
  • Accurate and factual

Such content is considered a trusted source of information, especially for technical and enterprise products where integrations with existing systems are key concerns.

Improving SEO

Well written user documentation is keyword-rich and has dense interlinking; both of which improve SEO results.

If your technical authors follow good practice, the content will be updated frequently in response to customer feedback and as new features are developed.

Implementing a comprehensive content strategy

Technical documentation is already being produced on a regular basis in the organisation. By developing a comprehensive content strategy, organisations can take advantage of the technical documentation to have a regular flow of quality content for inbound marketing.


Inbound marketing strategies rely on a steady flow of quality content. With marketing departments struggling to produce the necessary content to support inbound marketing strategies, it makes sense to look to other areas of the organisation where quality content is produced.

Good technical documentation is generally well structured, concise, and jargon–free, which leads to respected content and good SEO.

By developing a comprehensive content strategy to coordinate content production across the organisation, and implementing robust production processes, marketing departments can leverage the user documentation to support their inbound marketing strategies.

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