Targeted guides from a single-source

guides_200pxIndigoVision, a provider of IP video security solutions, wanted to improve the experience for their camera installers.

Each camera was delivered with a comprehensive Hardware Guide. It had been suggested several times previously that these guides could be replaced by a Quick Start Guide with only the relevant content for the installers. However, this objective had not been realized due to the additional cost of maintaining multiple, audience-specific guides using Adobe FrameMaker.

doc-department identified that by restructuring the Hardware Guides, the content could be cost effectively single sourced using MadCap Flare to create a set of Quick Start Guides targeted to the installers.

This approach enabled doc-department to not only produce a set of Quick Start Guides for each camera variant, but also reduce the overall maintenance cost of the Hardware Guides.

As well as achieving the objective of improving the experience for camera installers, implementing the Quick Start Guides for IndigoVision’s range of cameras has reduced the annual printing costs by over 50%.

“doc-department have delivered a solution that previous providers were unable to do. Not only have they enabled us to achieve our objective, but they have also given us more flexibility and reduced the time for producing guides.”
Ivor Eathorne, Hardware Product Manager – IndigoVision

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