Tailored product documentation using GitBook

Maidsafe_logoMaidSafe, the producers of the SAFE (Secure Access for Everyone) Network – a secure and fully decentralised data management service – wanted to provide a comprehensive introductory document for people new to the network that explained the features and benefits of the network and how they could use it.

The SAFE Network is an open source project so the target audience for the introduction ranged from potential core developers to people who would just be using applications that run on the network.

The diverse technical knowledge between the groups presented a challenge to ensure the documentation explained the network sufficiently to each group, as well as enable them to identify how they could get involved with the project.

With the launch date approaching, MaidSafe wanted to ensure their developers were focused on finalizing the platform, so looked to bring in outside assistance to complete the documentation.

doc-department were able start the project at short notice to fit in with MaidSafe’s timescales, and quickly got up to speed with the complex technology.

The introductory document had been created using GitHub Markdown and published using GitBook. To minimize disruption and speed implementation, doc-department continued to work within GitHub Markdown. However, to ensure quality they introduced a robust approvals process by adding an additional authoring and approval environment.

By understanding the reader’s journey from initially learning about MaidSafe to wanting to get involved, doc-department were able to tailor the content to the meet the needs of the diverse audience.

In less than 10 weeks MaidSafe had a new introductory document ready for the launch of the SAFE Network. In addition, the documentation is available as a resource for MaidSafe to direct queries to so saving engineers from being distracted by answering questions.

“doc-department were very considered in their approach, well organised and attentive to our needs. They quickly learned about our complex technology, taking on board our suggestions while managing the versioning of each new iteration. The results of their handiwork is effective and well structured documentation tailored to the reader.”
Nick Lambert, COO – MaidSafe


Since the publication of this case study the MaidSafe documentation has been moved to https://safenetwork.wiki/en/Main_Page

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