Migrating user guides from Word to Flare

GE Grid SolutionsThe GE Grid Solutions WAMS team was growing quickly and realized that their current user documentation process was struggling to keep up. To ensure they could achieve future objectives, they knew they had to change the way they produced and managed their user documentation.

The user documentation had been done using Microsoft Word with HTML help files generated using WebWorks Publisher. The process was cumbersome and resulted in a lot of duplication within individual documents and across the document set.

The WAMS team selected MadCap Flare as their new authoring tool. As a topic-based, single sourcing authoring tool, Flare would enable them to produce multiple outputs with a single click. And the output formats supported would allow the WAMS team to achieve their objectives.

doc-department were tasked with setting up the new authoring environment and migrating the Word documents to Flare.

To do this doc-department created and documented a new Flare template for both the PDF and HTML help outputs. Set up the migration process. Then migrated over 400 A4 pages of content. The whole process was completed in under 4 weeks.

After the migration, the WAMS team had a new authoring environment that has enabled them to reduce the turnaround time for user document updates. In addition, Flare has enabled the content to be re-used across the document set thereby reducing overall user documentation costs.

“doc-department’s expertise and quick turn around enabled us to seamlessly move from Word to Flare.”
Andrew Gillies, Operations Manager | WAMS – GE Grid Solutions

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