Expert technical writing resource at short notice

sumerian-cpaas-logoSumerian, a predictive IT analytics company, needed to update the user assistance for their flagship Capacity Planner CPaaS (Capacity Planning as a Service) ready for the next release. Capacity Planner is an innovative solution helping leading global enterprises to de-risk their IT plans and reduce IT costs by addressing typical infrastructure capacity planning challenges.

Sumerian were looking for a freelance technical writer to provide short-term technical writing resources to help them update the user assistance. Sumerian were having difficulty finding technical writers with the right expertise and domain knowledge.

doc-department were able to step in at short notice and provide the expertise and resources Sumerian required. doc-department applied their documentation expertise to develop a plan, then worked with Sumerian’s existing tools and processes to deliver the content. To ensure the deadline was met, doc-department was able to provide a team of documentation specialists.

The user assistance was updated in time for the release with all content completed within 10 weeks from initial contact to final delivery.

“To document a complex product like Capacity Planner, it is important to understand the subject matter. doc-department’s team had the knowledge, as well as the expertise to deliver the content. Importantly they were available when we needed them. Thanks to doc-department the user assistance was available on time and to a standard we are proud of.”
Michael Allan, COO – Sumerian

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